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i used to be 'holocened.' i cannot use this blog to post personal things about myself anymore. please inbox me if you want my new url. :-) FOR EMMA
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hi guys, i’ve stopped using this blog a few months ago but message me if you want the url to my new one! :-) 

i used to be ‘holocened.’

i am literally supposed to be using my new blog but i keep instinctively logging on to this one??

inbox me if you want the url to my new blog! :-) i won’t be using this one anymore 


Prague by SarahGraber

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gülmek bu kadar yakışır bi insana.

nope nope i don’t think i can do this, this is four years worth of my life plus i love my theme and my posts and nope my follower count nope can’t do this but i have to 

Ginger & Rosa, 2012


Australian artist, Ben Quilty’s studio 2011
an inspirational work space.